Twenty Media - Regele Junglei

Category: Best Interactive Experience

Client: Philips Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2014 / Household appliances / Participant

Strategy description:

Philips is one of the most popular personal care brands in Romania, with a portfolio of premium products destined both for women and men. One of the most important communication channels of the brand is its Facebook page, In order to promote the Philips products to the men in our community (a total of 32% of the fan base), we engaged them in a “manly” brand experience - a journey specially created for them, in which they had to prove they are true kings of the jungle. Thus started the search for the best and most fit men, that have conquered the urban jungle with their own style. Marketing challenge: - Position Philips as a top-of-the-mind brand for personal care products destined for men. Objectives: - increase brand awareness - increase brand engagement - increase the fan-base of the Philips Personal Care Facebook page Audience: Men 18-30, urban The Facebook app was tailored to the communication concept for the products destined for men. The main message of the campaign: With Philips products you can tame your hair, no matter what your personal style may be. The app was supported by a Facebook Advertising campaign, as well as a content strategy within the Philips Personal Care Facebook page.


The app was built as a 6-question quiz, at the end of which users could find out what type of jungle king they are, based on their character and preferences. Once the users entered the King of the Jungle app, they were asked for the access of their personal Facebook information: Name, Surname, Age, Sex, as well as their agreement for the app to automatically post on their personal walls. Afterwards, the users reached the Home page, where they saw the Philips message: Tame your hair with the Philips products!, as well as the prizes they could win. In order to submit to the competition and win one of the Philips prizes, the users had to answer the 6 questions we had prepared for them. The advertising campaign used to support the Facebook app included: - Facebook Ads - Promoted Posts - Story Ads Budget: Development: 40% Media: 60%

Case visual: