V8 Interactive - Bradul Multumirii

Category: Best Video Campaign

Client: Kanal D

Year / Domain / Status: 2014 / Entertainment and the media / Participant

Strategy description:

There are two kinds of people: those who say thank you and those who don’t.The first category don’t miss any opportunity to express their gratitude. But what about the others? There are plenty of those who forgot to say Thank You. Santa Clause and his elves lauched a blog where they posted 12 videos thanking to different people (the ranger, the chef, the postman etc) and have encouraged the users to post their thanks into the 3D Thank You Tree Facebook application.


Santa posted daily videos on his blog, thanking to different people. He was invited at Teo Show to talk about the campaign and introduce the Facebook application. Users could enter the online application, pick a tree ornament, write a message on it, select a Facebook friend whom he wants to thank and hang the decoration into the 3D Christmas tree. Also 3 of the Kanal D celebrities filmed themselves thanking to someone in their lives and post the video on Santa’s blog. On Christmas Day all the messages were printed and hanged in the real Christmas tree from Union Square Bucharest.

Case visual: