V8 Interactive - Tunul cu net

Category: Best Mobile Branded App

Client: Indygen

Year / Domain / Status: 2014 / Telecom / Winner

Strategy description:

We had to find a new and innovative way to persuade our potential customers to test the product, so we got our Facebook fans to engage their friends and do the job a whole lot better, using a tool that turned sampling…into a game.


The Net Cannon, as we called the campaign, had a real-life cannon as its centerpiece, built in a large 40 square-meter metal and glass box. With two components, one online and the other offline, the campaign offered an innovative and interactive journey for the youngsters willing to have more Internet on their mobile — an Indygen prepaid SIM has 1.5Gb of mobile Internet on it. The journey starts online. Indygen’s Facebook Page hosted an application that allowed fans of the brand to control a real-life offline cannon. In front of the computer, guided by the images provided by two live streaming cameras, they chose four of their Facebook friends to shoot in — basically four friends in need of internet on their mobiles. The profile pictures of the four Facebook friends were displayed offline on four TV screens installed in front of the cannon in a large metal and glass box. The shooter then had 60 seconds to hit the four Facebook friends he had chosen. On Game Over, the shooter and his four Facebook friends received 5 Indygen SIMs via courier at their home addressees. All of this was possible by using an air-cannon we designed and made from scratch, a total of seven Raspberry Pi, two Arduinos, and a lot of programming and wiring. The offline box in which the cannon was placed attracted lots of crowds and served the purpose of advertising the brand and the product offline, thus bridging the gap between online and offline communication. We took the Net Cannon to Romania’s five biggest cities between October 27-December 3, 2013. The journey started in Buchares, then Bransov, Iasi, Cluj, Timisoara and back to Bucharest for the grand finale.

Case visual: