Interactions - Mega Image - Animal Kindergarten

Category: Best Video Campaign

Client: Mega Image

Year / Domain / Status: 2014 / Retail / Participant

Strategy description:

We remembered our times as kids, when we exchanged surprises from Turkish Turbo or Cin-Cin chewing gum so we can fill out our collection. There was an entire underground “mafia” built around them: some kids even exchanged their full Turbo collections for bikes or roller-blades. We felt today’s kids could do the same thing with the Mega Image cards. We centered our strategy around, which had sections that offer details on how to collect the cards etc. We aimed for this platform to provide the necessary functionality so that every registered user could actually have a real-life benefit.


We created the “Collection market” section, which allowed users to make their entire collection public, making it easier for kids who miss a particular set of cards to look for other collectors who have them. Kids could then send private messages to each other in order to arrange an offline meeting and exchange their doubles. One week before the campaign ended, all users were notified that a a massive event (planned by the BTL agency) will take place as „the last chance” for cards exchange. Around 10,000 people came to the event, even if the weather was rainy, and their attention was focused on completing their collection. The platform was promoted through extensive use of media and CRM tactics. Facebook fans were engaged through ads and parents whom we know they have kids the right age (from previous collected consumer data), were approached by email. Through successive posts and emails we also reminded people that the products for which cards are granted change periodically, so they should check the updated lists online before going shopping.

Case visual: