Category: Best Content Marketing Project

Client: Piraeus Bank Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2014 / Finance / Participant

Strategy description:

The business challenge for Piraeus Bank was to find a large pool of potential interns who were good enough to add real economic value to the bank through their work. Moreover, the banking sector was perceived as boring among young people and so we wanted to help Piraeus Bank to change this perception through an innovative campaign that would appeal to our young demographic. We wanted to demonstrate to youngsters the ways that an internship can be as valuable as a real job, while always staying true to Piraeus’s slogan ‘in dialogue with you’


Online we used a Facebook app plus a Facebook promotion where the applicants entered their data and their friends (and strangers) had the chance to vote. We also used mobile applications and QR codes that helped applicants to find details about the entire campaign and guided them to apply to Facebook using their smartphones. Off course we also used the offline environment – from Universities to street outdoor to student accommodation halls to the Tom Jones concert in Bucharest (which garnered significant attention).

Case visual: