Cohn and Jansen JWT - Iubesc RO

Category: Best Content Marketing Project

Client: Petrom

Year / Domain / Status: 2014 / Retail / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

In order to drive talkability and excitement, we needed to base our campaign in Social Media. Secondly, we needed a good story that would travel across social media platforms and make for an interesting content. Petrom had already created a story in Social Media between 2010-2012 with Redescopera Romania. It showed how beautiful our country can be, through the eyes of famous Romanian bloggers. Considering the success of this campaign and how Petrom became associated to Rediscovering Romania, it was time for a follow-up. But it was important to choose a different angle on this subject, one that was never seen before. A roadtrip was the best way to showcase the car and also include the pit stops to the Petrom gas stations along the journey. We knew we could face a challenge as Romanians preferred all inclusive services or short weekend getaways. Even though Romania is the perfect country for roadtrips (its wonderful scenery and amazing roads being acknowledged even by foreigners like Jeremy Clarkson in Top Gear), the roadtrip hasn’t become part of the Romanian culture yet. (Source: Study conducted by the Employers federation of Tourism and Services in Romania). Our strategy was to rekindle Romanians’ love for the road and for their own country through a powerful story leveraged across Social Media.


Our campaign required a bigger purpose which had the viral potential to travel across mediums. Our Mission: to accomplish another Romanian success by documenting the first Romanian roadtrip of 4627 km. The end goal was to make the biggest love declaration for our country and write “LOVE ROMANIA” on the country’s map, by tracking the car with GPS technology. The journey’s track was updated live to the online map on the campaign website. How we amplified the idea: The journey was not to be undertaken by ordinary people. Who better than Titi Aur, the best Romanian driver and the instructors from his pilot school, would assist Romanians in rediscovering their love for the open road? On top, 5 famous bloggers – the very ones from Redescopera Romania – took part in the journey and shared the car with the driver school instructors. Each blogger was assigned with “writing” a group of letters through the car tracks. Razvan Baciu had the “toughest” mission: to travel across the entire country designing the heart of the journey (literally), while Alex Ciuca, Doru Panaitescu, Oltea Zambori, Adrian Mihaltianu were each assigned with two letters. The campaign covered several Social Media platforms and owned mediums: • The website homepage displayed the map which was updated real-time with the traveled section of the journey. • We also had a blog where we recorded the happenings from each day on the road. • Real people could also take part in the journey and become co-pilots. How: through a Facebook app where users could send their message of encouragement for the team. The winners were selected by lucky draw and joined the team. There were 5 winners for each section of the road. • There was a hashtag #iubescRo which traveled across social media, through live updates from the journey on the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr accounts of the Petrom brand. • The bloggers who participated wrote about the subject and posted campaign badges on their blog

Case visual: