Interactions - Mega Image - Say the same inspired thing

Category: Best Interactive Experience

Client: Mega Image

Year / Domain / Status: 2014 / Retail / Participant

Strategy description:

We thought it would be interesting to sum up the inspiration Mega Image brings in the consumers’ life into actual numbers. There are 252 Mega Image stores with thousands of daily customers. Ever wondered how many people are thinking about cucumbers at the same time? What about peaches? Our main goal was to engage our Facebook fans in a playful way, to get them to actually greet one another if they share an interest over a product at the same time. Another important objective was to promote sponsored products and to increase trial. Secondly, we aimed to increase our fan database.


To collect our statistics, we paired up random fans over the same product. We created an app with a simple mechanism: the user selects the product that’s on his mind, then sees if another online fan picked that same product or not. If they match, both users could chat about their favorite product and possibly win small prizes. We counted the daily most desired products, along with a list of the paired up fans. To sustain our math-inspiration theme, we also had a “Mega Statistics” section, where users could read interesting numbers such as the number of shopping carts used in stores, the number of lost coins on the aisles etc.

Case visual: