Interactions - KIT KAT - The City of Breaks

Category: Best Content Marketing Project

Client: KIT KAT (Nestle)

Year / Domain / Status: 2014 / Food / Participant

Strategy description:

Our objective was to expand our “break” territory: to go from covering news to a broader area of topics, while still incorporating the original 2012 idea. We also wanted to experiment with different posting hours, so we gave up our famous 13:55 mark. Instead we aimed for flexibility, diversity and fresh content, setting out to target young Facebook users with a witty sense of humor. Another important goal was to keep making KIT KAT standout from the pages within its category, which all use similar approaches: random pictures of animals, interesting links and meaningless product shots.


We created the fictional City of Breaks, an entire city dominated by breaks, a place where your mind could easily take a break from the ordinary. In order to mimic the reality of a true city, we created various institutions, each with their very own identity (The Supreme Authority of Breaks, The Institute of Non-Research, The Break Police etc.) The old 13:55 news was transferred to the Local Newspaper. Each Facebook post was designed to speak on behalf of one of these institutions. Posts from Dr. Break were the doctor’s orders on how to experience fulfilling breaks, while the Supreme Authority of Breaks posts issued weekly rules in favor of its citizens’ peace of mind. We launched each institution according to our needs and social media calendar.

Case visual: