Interactions - Spring Rewards (Martisoare) for A+ Mums

Category: Best Performance Campaign

Client: Hochland

Year / Domain / Status: 2014 / Food / Participant

Strategy description:

Our target was comprised mainly of mothers and Women’s Celebration Week (1-8 March) was approaching, so we thought of using a famous Romanian tradition in our advantage. We handed them out joker codes (free promotional codes which can be used in the promotion) instead of the classic “martisoare” (little spring decorations made of red and white strings). The challenge was to easily distribute the available joker codes (200 per day) in a way that could feel like a “reward”, thus enhancing the campaign message.


Along with “martisoare”, the bouquet of flowers is the the most powerful symbol of spring. So as a sign of gratitude, we offered our female fans both virtual flowers and a free code through a Facebook app. The app featured a picture of different types of flowers each day for exactly 8 days (1-8 March) while spring and women were being celebrated. Each picture was divided into 200 sections, in which fans had to tag themselves. Each tag meant one free code, which they later received by email. With the joker code, the could have the possibility of winning further prizes in the national promo.

Case visual: