The Practice - #apartIKEA - “The Rented Apartment” Experiment

Category: Best Content Marketing Project

Client: IKEA Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2013 / Retail / Winner

Strategy description:

This is the launch of the 2013 IKEA catalog. It was a daring Social Media experiment, a first in Romania. The theme: Bring new life to your home became a living proof of how one can make big changes with little efforts. Research showed that customers preferred easy solutions when making changes at home. But, most of them didn’t know how to do it. Strategy: prove that the catalog is the expression of people’s expectations for bringing new life at home with easy change! How? By renting an apartment and challenging bloggers (not interior design experts) to turn a house into a home. In one week each.


Cristina Mazilu (culinary); Augustin Radu (storytelling); Cristina Bazavan (romantic) & Andreea Retea (trendsetter) entered each the same apartment on Monday. They had a limited budget (>500 €) and the IKEA catalogue as inspiration to make the house reflect their personality. The bloggers made live updating from the house and live streaming from apartIKEA on social media. As IKEA had no social media channels, we created a Facebook place (@apartIKEA) and a Twitter hashtag (#apartIKEA). Each house-warming party was announced through dedicated Facebook events.

Case visual: