CARAT ROMANIA - Opel GTC Astra – Who Is Driving – Men vs. Women

Category: Best Performance Campaign


Year / Domain / Status: 2013 / Auto / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Our target audience was both men and women 25-45 years old with an active life. Having wide experience in creating special projects for Opel, we know that one of the best moment a brand can communicate with the consumer is when this is relaxed and have a positive attitude. This is one of the reasons we have created a platform with interactive funny games having the same theme: AUTO. We know that is a good way to engage with our Target Audience in the moment they are playing a game.


We have created a platform where men and women could compete to settle (in a funny and interactive way) the eternal discussions that men are better drivers than women. The games were testing : driving skills, Automotive knowledge and reflexes. We have created 5 games and each game played was giving to the player a chance to be the lucky winner of the car that Razvan Fodor had– the GTC Astra. Each time a game was played, the score the user was obtaining was added to the general score for the men or women team. Razvan Fodor, as an endorser for Opel GTC Astra was also present in the dealers showrooms as a sticker to their window, inviting people to do a testdrive. The games were designed to be played also from mobile devices & tables (iOS & Android) and we have seen an increasing number of plays coming from the mobile devices/tablets We have asked the users to login in our platform with their facebook accounts. Like this we have enabled the social component for our platform and benefited from the facebook users prefence for games. Like this we ensured the viral spread of our messages among the player‘s friends. Also the player could invite his/her friends to join the competition and to prove who’s better driver. Razvan Fodor communicated with his facebook fans about our platform. The car was marked with the project logos and marks and like this Razvan Fodor’s fans were able to find him everywhere.This helped us gain more EARNED media exposure and WoM.

Case visual: