SC MRM PARTENERI SRL - #haisamancamimpreuna

Category: Best Video Campaign

Client: Coca-Cola

Year / Domain / Status: 2013 / Food / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Our target was young adults and the insight was that in these hectic times, people have less and less time to share a meal with their friends and family. Attracting young adults wouldn’t be an easy task, so we had to think of something innovative in order to catch their attention.


Coca-Cola brings families together to share a meal. The campaign symbol was the caravan, illustrated both in the TVC and in the BTL activations. In online, we invited people to tweet using #haisamancamimpreuna and tag friends they want to share a meal with. The most inspirational tweets were aired daily when the TVC was broadcasted. For the person with the best tweet, we sent the Coca-Cola caravan to his hometown and offered him a meal with the friends he invited on Twitter.

Case visual: