The Geeks - F64 Studio

Category: Best Performance Campaign

Client: F64

Year / Domain / Status: 2013 / Leisure equipment / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

As the media budget was only 5000 EUR, it was clear that an idea that can go viral was needed. This is how the “f64 studio” concept was born: a video website in which users could create their own photo studio, send it to friends and take pictures of a supermodel with a Canon camera. The interaction was both entertaining (the model would invite people to take photos of her, by saying funny lines each time someone photographed her) and informative, as the model would give details about the promo.


We created a promotion with a very entertaining concept, taking into account the specific mindset of online users as 43% of them are interested in entertaining websites (source: SNA Focus, Oct.’11-Nov.’12). The promotion mechanics was designed to encourage participation and spreading of the promotion website. The strategy was to attract them first as “spreaders” of the promotion website, and then to encourage them to be converted into buyers in order to further increase their chances to win.

Case visual: