Kinecto International - Bursa Binelui BCR CSR Platform Launch Campaign

Category: Best Native Advertising Campaign/Project

Client: BCR

Year / Domain / Status: 2013 / Finance / Winner

Strategy description:

The idea: We got people’s attention with a simple question: It’s easy to Like&Share; a cause, but does this help anybody? We wanted first to raise the question in people’s mind and secondly convince them to involve and actually contribute in real life with real help.


We teased 40 A-list bloggers with a question: what if a Like would cost 5 Lei? Also, we released an infographic about the Romanians habits in social media, with focus on Likes. Reveal. The bloggers received their answer: use them on Bursa Binelui. We released Bursa Binelui Facebook Page with an app that analyzed the user’s interaction on Facebook and recommend him to support the NGOs, besides Likes&Shares;. Campaign supported with minimum paid media budget for display banners and Facebook ads.

Case visual: