Senior Hyperactive - Zborul de Amsterdam

Category: Best Interactive Experience

Client: ING Bank Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2013 / Finance / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Early 2012 due to the foreseen crediting switching to RON the competition was sure to intensify. After 3 years with communication mainly on consumer loans ING needs a campaign that would restart its positioning as a top saving bank. The “ING Airlines” concept is a statement under the “ING Bank. Pentru Oameni Mari” umbrella. ING Bank takes its customers to their destination with business class treatment. We launched an improved product: a Savings Account that helps people reach their dreams.


The challenge:a limited budget and a short period of time.Online is the second preferred channel in banking advertising and played a key role in lead generation,engagement on social media and increased awareness of the whole campaign. We animated more than 20 characters that represent ING customers. If the user checked-in all of them in the airport and filled up a plane, they had the chance to win a trip to Amsterdam.The characters interacted with each other through funny& surprising animations

Case visual: