Interactions - The Five-to-Two News

Category: Best Mobile Branded App

Client: Kit Kat (Nestle)

Year / Domain / Status: 2013 / Food / Winner

Strategy description:

We went beyond giving advice or tips on how to take a break, so we created easy-to-digest-content that should be seen as the break itself. Our target: only people who could appreciate witty and entertaining content. Our main strategic goal was to create a daily habit of visiting Kit Kat’s page after the lunch break, when people are usually craving sweets. We set 13:55 as the perfect time to publish all of our posts, setting out to be the first page which posts at exactly the same time each day.


On Kit Kat’s Facebook, fans found a daily dose of funny news at 13.55 sharp. The page acted like an in-house generated news-flow as it commented upon recent events that happen in sports, movies etc. in a funny and smart way, illustrating it cleverly. Over 90% of the content was generated by the current events, so it’s relevant. The news was written and drawn right on the day it was posted. Over a 15 months period, we managed to create the longest series of ads (over 280) under the same concept.

Case visual: