Senior Hyperactive - Rascoala Mustatilor de Lapte/ The Milk Mustaches Uprising

Category: Best Interactive Experience

Client: Friesland Campina - Napolact

Year / Domain / Status: 2013 / Food / Participant

Strategy description:

Our goal was to build awareness for the Bobalna cheese, communicating that it contains 10L of milk per kg. Target: consumers ages of 25-45 with medium-high income. One of the most important uprisings in the history of Transylvania took place in Bobalna village in 1437. It started because of a tax imposed by the nobility. Creative idea: evidences showed that during 1437 a lesser known uprising happend, generated by a different tithe - forbidding peasants to use 10L of milk for 1 kg of cheese.


We communicated the idea through a Facebook App and sustained it with two teaser videos in which a historian tells the story of The Milk Mustaches Uprising. The videos were posted on Youtube and Facebook. The Facebook App was basically a time killing game with 3 levels (3 trials) that our users were supposed to overcome in order to win back the right of preparing the cheese according to our traditional values. As any respectable Facebook application this one too had a promotional component.

Case visual: