Category: Best Video Campaign

Client: Unilever SCE

Year / Domain / Status: 2013 / Fmcg / Winner

Strategy description:

The task was to address the younger target, who are very much into music, fun, celebrities and social activities. So, to connect with them we had to create disruption and surprise them with a non-traditional, funny communication that would create both mass awareness and engagement on the topics they enjoy (music, entertainment). The idea was to bring Clabucel (Mr Bubble), the animated brand character from the Dero TV ads, closer to them, make him famous and part of their world.


Mr Bubble was launched by sudden appearances in seven TV live shows, handing out news bulletins or helping with the weather forecast. Paparazzi shots appeared on the first page of national newspapers and he told his story on his own Facebook page. Mr Bubble then became a real Romanian showbiz star. Partnering with Loredana on her just launched 'Apa' video (7M views on YouTube), Mr Bubble appeared as a character in a spoof of her video, washing laundry together with Loredana.

Case visual: