Interactions - Mega QRuriosity

Category: Best Video Campaign

Client: Mega Image

Year / Domain / Status: 2013 / Retail / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

These “niche” products raise interest to a certain target: food lovers, with high income, prone to adding new ingredients to their dishes. But their perception is that these products are fancy and their usage requires culinary skills. As they’re often confused by the vague label, our challenge was to overcome this lack of info and persuade our target to actually try the products. We set out to drive sales and educate our target about the products’ benefits in an engaging, but non-intrusive way.


The campaign mechanic combined offline promo with mobile advertising, as our target owns a smartphone and has reasonable tech skills. We tagged certain products with in-store shelf-wobblers which teased people by stating: “This product has more to say. Scan its story with a QR code!” Consumers were then redirected to a “curiosity page” where they could read extensive product info (place of origin, nutritional values, recommended uses etc.) and also discover a helpful recipe.

Case visual: