Interactions - Mobile App Mega Image

Category: Best Digital PR Campaign

Client: Mega Image

Year / Domain / Status: 2013 / Retail / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

The mobile application focused more on functional features as we wanted to appeal to rational, existing needs. We targeted people with medium-high income, heavily smartphone users, who lead a pretty hectic lifestyle and would benefit from digital tools that could help them save time, money and improve their overall shopping experience. The app also works as gateway which gathers all of Mega Image’s communication materials in one place, so consumers could easily browse through them.


The app had the following features: locate the closest store, browse or search for recipes, send the ingredients of a chosen recipe by SMS, thus eliminating the need to make a shopping list. You could also access the newsletter, receive product recommendations and keep track of all the promotional offers, so that you don’t have to flip through in-store price magazines to find a good deal. It also included a QR code scanning feature for gathering more info on Mega Image’s unfamiliar products.

Case visual: