Propaganda - The Fake Job Fair

Category: Best Mobile Branded App

Client: Active Watch-Agentia de Monitorizare a Presei

Year / Domain / Status: 2013 / Telecom / Participant

Strategy description:

Elimination of the racial discriminations, the goal of the anti-discrimination romanian NGO Activewatch, needed to catch Romanians'majority attention. The issues young roma citizens encounter when interviewing was unknown to the vaste majority of Romanians. Putting young Romanians in situation of evident and, sometimes, absurd discrimination at a fake recruitment interview led to better understanding of the young roma issues from the large majority and a change in mentalities.


During the campaign, a job fair for students to hire in an advertising agency was promoted throughout the internet and in the offline press. The interviews put the applicants in absurd discriminatory situations. Later, a video reveal proved the job fair was a fake. Q&A's from the interview became viral on the internet. The main news sites in Romania (,, shared the news and posted the video making of the fake job fair both on the site and the Facebook page.

Case visual: