Starcom MediaVest Group - Big Day Today

Category: Most Experimental & Innovative Campaign

Client: Samsung

Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Technology / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Although people often want to change their lifestyle, we all know that it is easier said than done and that doing lifestyle changes is the first thing being postponed for...tomorrow. So, since we were launching bigger smartphones in all the ways (size, features, and technology) we thought to also launch a big challenge: start improving your lifestyle today, one challenge at a time and you'll have a big day every day. This is how the Big Day Today mobile app was born, an app that gave the user one challenge per day for 30 days. Every morning a new challenge was being unlocked and the user was invited to complete it and upload a photo/video with it. Examples of challenges: take the stairs, dance, dress differently, eat something new, drink a morning smoothie etc.


The mobile app was launched through an unconventional event, that helped people have an energizing start of their day – PLUS MORNING PARTY. When? Monday morning, 7am! Instead of going to gym, people started their day in a fun way! With an energizing party before going to work – smoothies, healthy snacks, energizing music, sports corner and so on. How can you encourage people further to really do actual things in order to improve your lifestyle? A live surprise test would really help. And to prove that doing one thing every day for a better self isn’t that much, we wanted to stop them for a minute from their daily run. One of the most crowded places to pass by is University square. People are always in a hurry, very hard to be reached. But what if a phone would talk to them? We installed a supra-sized Samsung S6 Edge+ mock-up in the middle of the square and gave it a voice. The voice coming from the phone was inviting people to accept a challenge, and take today as their first big day. As people stopped and took the challenges, more and more passers gathered around the big mock-up, cheering and being enthusiastic. More than 50 people completed the challenges in only few hours, then downloading the mobile app. Then, they continued their day as before, but with more energetic and inspired. It takes only one minute to make a big day of Today!

Case visual: