Digital Star Marketing - The Lenovo Hunger Eliminator Button

Category: Most Experimental & Innovative Campaign

Client: Lenovo

Year / Domain / Status: 2016 / Technology / Honorable Mention

Strategy description:

Lenovo adapted to the gamers’ computer usage patterns, so they positioned their gaming computers as the solution to a common discomfort they have while playing: they don’t want to stop, not even when they’re hungry. Video gamers hate it when they have to stop while playing. And they often choose to go hungry instead of stopping the game. For them, Lenovo invented the gaming computer with an integrated food order button.


How does the Lenovo Hunger Eliminator Button work? It’s simple. The users set up a food order and, with a press of the button, their food is delivered automatically. Without stopping the game. The Lenovo Hunger Eliminator Button connects via Wi-Fi to the largest national food delivery service,, where the order is automatically submitted, processed and delivered. To give the users a hands-on experience with the new technology, Lenovo installed the gaming computer with the integrated food order button in electronics stores and let the people play. A message suggested they press the Hunger Eliminator Button if they got hungry. When pressed, food was immediately delivered, in order to prove the buttons’ benefits on the spot. Lenovo explained the idea in a video and posted it on social media. Bloggers noticed it and started writing about the button for free. The news was picked up by some of the biggest Romanian video bloggers, who have more reach than all of the TV stations targeting young people combined.

Case visual: