Category: Best Native Advertising Campaign/Project

Client: My Name Is Brand

Year / Domain / Status: 2013 / Online retail / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

The "TOMMY LEE JONES VS. COPY" campaign used a mix of online and offline guerrilla marketing destined to launch the brand oriented e-shop To enhance the idea that the e-shop to be launched sells only original brands the campaign emphasized the opposition between original and copy, between brands and fake. The campaign used a fake Tommy Lee Jones, an alias that had been taken for granted by the No.1 tabloid in Romania. The reveal delivered great


The launching needed a powerful impact in the press-to deliver further news about the campaign and the online shop to be launched, The goal was to obtain the cover of at least one tabloid in Romania - which finally happened, when the No.1 tabloid in the country, "Click" made the Tommy Lee Jones fake news its main story for several days. Interactivity came through over 100 sites and news aggregators that delivered online both the teasing and the reveal of the campaign.

Case visual: