Category: Best Native Advertising Campaign/Project

Client: OPEL

Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Auto / Winner

Strategy description:

Our strategy was to create a game – a nice and playful destination for our Target audience where the NEW OPEL CORSA to play the central role. We’ve tried to make the people play the game and be involved in the game especially the ones in our target (women 25-45) and we have created the game with this objective in mind.


We have created a digital platform (a trivia game) where users can challenge each others in competitions 1-to-1 with the to aim of winning and keeping the NEW OPEL CORSA for a longer period of time in their account. If an user answer better and faster to 5 questions he gets the car and must defense it by answering to any challenge he receive. An user could not be challenged if he is moving on a virtual map. But surprise: the move is real and GPS coordinates are putted on a virtual map. In order to make the game more dynamical and to link-it with the mobility and agility of the car we have created also a mobile app. As long as the user is on the move, NO-ONE can challenge him to gain the virtual car. With the help of the mobile app, the users could take the car „for a drive“ meaning that, with the app opened on their mobile phones, they are localized and tracked when they are moving and their coordinates are putted on the virtual map. We have created 32 virtual NEW OPEL CORSA cars and we have placed them virtually in each Opel dealer showroom. One of the 5 questions the user had to answer in each challenge was about Opel & NEW CORSA We have used the image of Razvan Fodor – one of the Opel‘s ambassadors – to make the project more interesting. In order to reach our main target audience, we have agreed a partnership with Unica magazine one of the main women lifestyle magazine (both print & online)

Case visual: