Starcom MediaVest Group - Galaxy Note Edge

Category: Best Mobile Campaign

Client: Samsung Electronics Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Telecom / Participant

Strategy description:

In order to relate to our target, we had to speak their language and position our product as an expression of their life values and expectations. We knew that the most important thing for them was to find the resources to surpass the daily limitations in achieving their goals: lack of time, of energy, limitations from their work environment, colleagues, social environment, families etc. There were a lot of restrictions that they had to deal with each and every day. Our product would not be one of them. On the contrary, it would be an inspiration for less limitations and new possibilities. This is how we decided to translate the edged screen – not limited as for all the other smartphones, but going over the edge, expanding the limits of it’s user!


Interactive tactics – Creative (why & how): We developed an inspirational campaign, not talking about the product per-se, but delivering motivational speeches in line with our target’s interests and beliefs. In order to be truly relevant and inspiring we partnered with 5 endorsers from various fields (actor, sportsman, singer, designer) who created a series of materials describing how they found the resources to surpass their limitations with every new challenge. Interactive tactics – Communication and Media (why & how): The media mix was developed in a contextual manner, each endorser delivering his message on websites with related profile and audiences. We also introduced our product in a non-intrusive, entertaining way. We needed a media format that allowed us to show a preview of every Endorser’s Manifesto. So we chose SIDEKICK Banners that would expand into a full motivational article when the mouse would cross over the edge of the banners. We had different visuals for each of the 5 endorsers and every banner was contextualized – we placed them in the specific websites, strongly related to the domain of the endorsers’ activity.

Case visual: