Starcom MediaVest Group - #In2015Vreau

Category: Best Social Media Campaign

Client: Samsung Electronics Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Technology / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Besides thinking about what presents to buy to the dear ones, what do people do at the end of the year? We draw the line and think about our accomplishments in that past year. And most important, all of us make resolutions! “In 2015 I want to eat healthy food”, “In 2015 I want to study a new language”, “In 2015 I want to travel more” are just some examples. Most of our plans require or imply the use of technology, so we asked ourselves: What if people will share their resolutions on Twitter using a simple and catchy hashtag, easy to remember and friendly? We could then aggregate all the resolutions, put them in categories and then offer people advices and tips for a SMART start of the year and their personal resolution!


We created #In2015IWant” (“In2015Vreau”), the official hashtag of 2015 Resolutions. The main social media channel in the campaign was Twitter, and the secondary social media channel was Facebook, to amplify the conversation and guide people to use the hashtag on Twitter. We split our actions in 3 main steps: First, we launched the campaign with a simple and challenging call to action: “Share your resolution for 2015 using #In2015Vreau hashtag!” To amplify the conversation, all tweets were aggregated in one Facebook app to see them live, immediately after posting. For extra buzz, EVERY TWEET from the campaign received a personalized response in maximum 4 hours, no matter the hour or day of the week! Second, we took all the resolutions, group them on categories and present them on Facebook, Twitter and the Press as an interesting Infographic with Romanian Resolutions for 2015. The third part of this campaign started in 2015, when we transformed the #In2105Vreau (#In2015IWant) hashtag in #In2015Pot hashtag (#In2015ICan) to motivate users to start practice their resolutions and give them a push with advices, tips and tricks. Important influencers received personalized Twitter cards with solutions for their resolutions. IT&C passionate people received Samsung products for long time testing; Fashion and beauty influencers received personalized apps for their schedule etc.

Case visual: