Starcom MediaVest Group - Creativity Hour

Category: Best Content Marketing Project

Client: Samsung Electronics Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Technology / Winner

Strategy description:

We decided to move from talking to creative people about creativity and its fantastic importance in children upbringing & education, to actually doing something. Samsung wanted to move from SAYING that creativity matters, to actually DOING something as a brand to support creativity, a must move in the era of digital brand utility. And what better time to nurture creativity than the age when we are psychologically more prone to creative influences: childhood. We took a closer look to the situation of teachers in the past years and based on the data from the National Institute of Statistics we found that the number of teachers was decreasing year on year, while the number of students educated by one teacher was growing year on year. On the other hand, more and more students give up school, reaching 19%, compared to UE average of 15%. (Source: UNICEF research on ZEP educational system network, 2012) Most of them give up because of the teaching system, 88 % of them defining a good teacher as the one that focuses on the student’s creativity, while 86.3% consider the teacher should himself be creative in examples and way of teaching. (Source: Youth Monitor Survey, 2012) While Samsung CSR efforts so far in the education area were immensely beneficial to generations of students, we understood immediately that one topic was still present and unaddressed: TEACHERS. Under paid, over worked, in many cases in desperate lack of resources, but yet expected to raise our next generations and grow them to their utmost potential. Samsung immediately understood that teachers should be the focus of its efforts and the whole platform was build with their needs in mind. As more and more parents and teachers are interested in new methods of educating our youngsters, we decided to try the impossible – get children a CREATIVITY HOUR at every stage of their education


First, we created a “Teach The Teachers” initiative, that over 2,000 teachers joined. We gave teachers: - A content-rich platform, filled with tutorials and exercises for The Creativity Hour - TED-like conferences - A dedicated YouTube channel featuring “Manifesto For Creativity” pledged by successful people - A special event called “The Different Week”, where teachers and children escape the school walls and enjoy learning in different creative ways. We put the matter on top of the public agenda and added extra power to our efforts by promoting an official petition towards the Ministry of Education and The Government.

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