Starcom MediaVest Group - Live Smart

Category: Best Interactive Experience

Client: Samsung Electronics Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Technology / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Samsung completely made the switch from arid product features and specs to real consumer benefits (life improvement by technology). Samsung launched an extensive LIVE SMART Platform, with the aim to educate people on how to make the most out of their smart devices. The platform spanned across online channels for direct one to one communication (website, Facebook application and mobile) as well as offline channels, for hands-on experience. Our target is interested in advanced technology, state that want to learn about new functions and despite the plenitude of technology information sources (from technical book of each device, to IT&C websites, blogs and forums) they are not aware of all smart devices benefits. All existing information sources have as common ground the fact that they are showing the technicalities of each device, but don’t show the actual benefits coming from consumer experience (even bloggers tend to describe the technical features and not what they actually did with respective features). On the other side, in order to be clear and focused, advertising campaigns manage to emphasize only one key benefit, all other functionalities being discovered through consumer efforts. As technology leader, Samsung needed to innovate also in communication. That’s why we tried a new approach – we humanized education and created a peer to peer education platform. We decided to map, find, promote and offer those solutions that improve everyday life and turn it into a smarter version. We had to train people into adopting technology and giving up reluctance. We put people together and let them exchange new ways of using the available technology, to build a collection of advices on how technology can help and improve people’s lives. A real-life Samsung technology guide.


First, we humanized education using illustrated characters, in a series of LIVE SMART cartoons where imagination and technology combine in order to solve different day to day situations. (Sam is the young cool guy, passionate about gadgets, whom everybody asks questions about technology when in need. Adela is his girlfriend, who appreciates the utility of technology, but doesn’t understand all about it. Felix is their neighbor, a hipster-analog guy who refuses technology in every way. Parfum is Sam’s and Adela’s cat, a pet that is fascinated about technology and talks in catenglish) We gave the Smart Family a place – Sam’s Blog, where people can find relevant information about devices, in a funny and friendly way. The objective of the blog was to expand the brand website ( from products to lifestyle. Second, we decided to build a collection of advices on how technology can help and improve people’s lives. And how could we make it more relevant and applicable, if not by asking OUR TARGET? We gathered and empowered a community toward technology exchange tips and in result we got a staggering amount of usage habits and tips for all Samsung users. Facebook application “365 moduri de a trai SMART” (“365 ways of SMART living”) – we challenged our online community to tell us how they live smart through the technology they are using. We managed to get more than 3,500 great advices in less than a week. We then translated our advices into a Mobile application – “Live SMART 365”, available to millions of people. Accessing this app, consumers can find inspiring everyday advices and find products related to their lifestyle. The app has additional functions for sharing the tips and experience, tools for finding the right product for you, daily advices, bookmarks and calendar for the entire year, with customized advices for each season. More than that, users can get extra information, as each product is directly connected to website, driving sell-out through “Buy now” option directly to retail websites. The Mobile Application also has a location based Smart Promo Map, where people can find weekly promotions for the nearby retailers, according to their interests, and an engaging Live Smart e-learning and quizzes section. In addition, Samsung created Live Smart Marathon, a massive and long term In Store Program. In selected check points from retailers’ shops, Samsung created a Smart Home area, where people could enjoy integrated product experience. In 56 stores, well trained Live Smart advisors talked to people about Smart technology with the help of hands-on demo based on Live Smart Scenarios (76 sessions were conducted).

Case visual: