MEDIAEDGE:CIA - MoneyIQ - Wise Financial Decisions

Category: Best Performance Campaign

Client: Visa

Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Finance / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Customization to the fullest extent. Taking into consideration that the training is quite long: it takes 15 to 20 minutes to be completed and receive the diploma, in order to reach the conversions objective, WE FOCUSED ON MORE THAN JUST MEDIA PARAMETERS AND USED BOTH ANALYTICS AND USER EXPERIENCE TOOLS (UX). We concentrated our efforts in enhancing the quality of the leads (a lead was considered an app install, hence the entering the training) and customize the ad creation messaging following the insights from complex analytics and UX crossed analyses. Is worth mentioning that all communication for promoting the Facebook app was done on Facebook only using in timeline and right side hand ads.


As starting point, we have used media 4 targets segments based on age clusters as the age palette was quite large.. After analyzing the first set of app installs we faced the challenge of around 78% drop rate, hence starting the training, but quitting before getting to the “thank you” page, finish the training and receive the diploma. We needed to increase the quality of the leads quickly, so we went two folded: 1. On one hand, we have looked in depth the Google analytics stats in order to identify the critical points where the users were quitting the app (the drops) and crossed those findings with the UX tools analysis. 2. Also, we have analyzed using both analytics and UX tools using heat maps what were the most relevant sets of information for those users finishing the training. We have used this new set of insights to customize both the media presence, but also the creative ads message. MEDIA WISE, WE HAVE REFINED THE TARGETING AND BUILT CUSTOM AND LOOKALIKE AUDIENCES using both demographics but also user interests, generating over 20 new targets, part of them focusing on retargeting the drops. CREATIVE MESSAGING WISE, WE HAVE DELIVERED MESSAGING RECOMMENDATIONS to our creative partner in order to have custom created ads with bull’s eye targeted messages for each target. The relevance of the message was crucial, as the art direction space was extremely limited. More than that, WE HAVE GENERATED TWO SET OF CREATIVE MESSAGES: a) a set of ads with a strong call to action message focused on winning prizes; b) another set of the creative ads highlighted what kind of personal financial management knowledge the user would acquire after finishing the training. The latter used the insights from analyzing the behavior of those that have finished the training. We have iterated this approach 7 times throughout the entire campaign. The outcome has been over 30 custom made creative ads in various formats. This new approach increased dramatically the leads quality, with a direct impact on the conversion rate, as the drop rate decreased three times after implementing this new approach to an average of 21% drops versus 78% before that.(source: Google analytics)

Case visual: