Digital Star Marketing - NOTELIER powered by GALAXY Note 4

Category: Best Digital PR Campaign


Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Telecom / Winner

Strategy description:

While studying our targets’ behavior, we made a common sense observation about creativity: it is powered by ideas and bringing them to life. And, when inspiration hits, it is essential to write your ideas down, or the thought is lost forever. Actually, many of the things we enjoy today are the result of such moments of inspiration. And because one idea leads to another, if those ideas were lost, so would be all following thoughts. For those in search of ideas, big or small, Samsung GALAXY Note 4 works as an IDEA CATCHER, as it is a device you can carry with you anywhere and efficiently use to note, research & draw any passing thought or idea. With this in mind, we aimed to reach the following objectives: • generate awareness for the launch of the GALAXY Note 4; • clearly present the consumer benefits – Note 4 encourages & enhances creative productivity; • Enhance further the “Note” category message – the tool for creative minds;


To establish the role of the GALAXY Note 4 as an idea catcher, we created an online platform and invited Samsung fans to share with us their “lost” ideas. Even if those ideas were never brought to life, no matter the reason, they could inspire others and spark their creativity. In this way, no idea gets lost and every thought, big or small, leads to evolution, changing our lives for the better. People connected with our insight about creativity and capturing ideas. In just one month, over 3,000 ideas were uploaded on our platform. And as proof that one idea leads to another, our actions didn’t stop here. To keep the creative momentum alive, we actually BUILT FROM SCRATCH a brand new place in town, dedicated to capturing creativity: Notelier. The design of the Notelier space is crafted so that no other idea, big or small, gets lost ever again. From the wall art that inspires and invites people to write down on the spot ideas, to branded napkins you can use to “capture” your thoughts, and the Note 4 powered research area, the entire space is designed with creativity in mind. Now if the thought strikes, capturing it is no longer an issue! Also, on the pieces of furniture in the space and on the decorative elements we printed the most interesting ideas submitted on our online platform so that they can, from now on, inspire others, too.

Case visual: