Digital Star Marketing - Lenovo S860 – best in battery life

Category: Best Mobile Branded App

Client: LENOVO

Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Telecom / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

The idea of our campaign came from a simple observation. If you own a smartphone, you’ve been there, too: that „panic moment” when it runs out of battery, right when you’re reading something interesting. For our target, having the energy and freedom to achieve more in style, is essential. A smartphone that offers up to 3 days of battery life can keep them up to date and truly on the go. And most of all, it can help them avoid the “panic moments” caused by the phone battery dying after just a few hours of usage. Once we found this insight, we needed to present it in a memorable way, using the appropriate context and media channels.


Starting from our „panic moment” insight, here’s what we did! When someone using a mobile device started reading an article, a battery discharge notification popped up on the screen of his smartphone. This was actually our campaign banner taking, according to the type of device detected, the form of the standard iOS or Android battery status notification. Now that we grabbed peoples’ attention, we simply introduced the Lenovo S860 and its epic battery performance. Next, for more info about the device, people were invited to check out a dedicated product landing page. The same mechanic was also implemented for a YouTube pre-roll campaign.

Case visual: