MSLGROUP The Practice - Missing Romania

Category: Best Social Media Campaign

Client: Samsung Electronics Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Telecom / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

Target The Galaxy Kzoom target consists of mainly young adults who keep up with IT&C news and updates and turn to these trustworthy information sources when choosing a smartphone. They are people who constantly have their smartphones on their sight and their device fits their personality, their habits, and most of the times even their personal style. It is essential in socializing and keeping up with friends and news. The young adults we targeted constantly read blogs and were extremely active on social networks. Challenge After analyzing our target and identifying their social networking habits, we realized what we needed to do was to persuade them into communicating through great photos and share high quality content on their profiles. However, we were addressing a wide target, with different habits and preferences, which was very hard, if not impossible to reach as a whole without a clear concept, memorable even, after reading a status or a Call to Action on Facebook or Instagram. Objectives: • generating Social Media conversation about Galaxy Kzoom • coming up with a potentially viral hashtag • promoting the habit of taking quality pictures with the smartphone • activating the Romanian Instagram community


We faced the challenge of communicating with a wide target that has a large variety of interests. Our approach was to focus our messages in a single Call to Action. We could have promoted the habit of taking pictures, uploading them to social networks and using them to communicate, if we used existing trends, making them work in our favour, and if we offered our target something to communicate about, something relevant regardless of personal interests. Face to face with all the facts, we identified the concept we were to communicate: #DorDeRomania (#MissingRomania) was to become the engine of our campaign! Selecting communication channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs We already found out from our research that we had to focus our efforts on Instagram, but considering we have a large active Facebook community (827,000 fans on Samsung Mobile Romania page, ranking 1st each month in the most visible IT&C pages in Romania TOP, according to FbMonitor) we decided to use Facebook too. Twitter was also a useful tool that helped us communicate our campaign’s Call to Action. On top of these social networks, we identified Brad Florescu as the perfect endorser for the campaign that can help us communicate with our target. He is a KOL, suggested user by Instagram, and the author of the blog He also moved to Thailand 5 years ago, which makes him understand better than anybody what #MissingRomania feels like. So we were ready to start the Missing Romania adventure and to capture it in photos! We achieved an international premiere in terms of collaboration between Samsung Electronics subsidiaries when we got the support of Samsung Switzerland and Samsung Greece Social Media teams. They dedicated Facebook posts to our campaign and they targeted them to their local Romanian communities. This helped us spread our message to people who missed Romania every day. We launched the #MissingRomania challenge on Instagram to everyone who is active on this network. The pretext was making our endorser, Brad Florescu, missing Romania with a photo, and not only him, but also the millions of Romanians who were living abroad. The mechanics of the campaign resonated immediately with our target: the photos had to be posted on Instagram with the hashtags #dorderomania (#missingromania) and #tedooro, and then they were aggregated by a Facebook app especially created for this campaign. The photos that had both hashtags could be seen in the Samsung Mobile Facebook App, in a photo gallery where the public could vote for them. When the campaign ended, the first 300 photos that had the most votes were sent to the jury (Brad Florescu). He ranked them considering how much each of them made him miss his home country. The winner was picked using the average of the 2 scores and the prize was a Galaxy Kzoom. The photos had a large visual diversity, capturing streets, places, houses, food, people, memories and emotions that made everyone think why and how much they appreciate Romania.

Case visual: