media investment - Telekom Rebranding

Category: Best Interactive Experience

Client: Telekom Romania

Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Telecom / Winner

Strategy description:

Considering the media objectives, make everyone aware of the new brand through a 90% reach level and 3+ frequency, the campaign architecture implied a 360° integration of all media while having in mind innovative solutions, memorability & high association with novelty and innovation. In consequence, 160 special projects were developed on all communication channels: TV, OOH, radio, print, digital, cinema. The campaign shape implied high pressure exposure while maximizing it through premium positioning across all media. In digital, we applied a no clutter & innovative strategy by being the only advertiser on the page using impactful & exclusive formats. The campaign followed a 3 steps model: create, build, expand associated with 3 phases: teasing, brand awareness & product awareness. In the teasing phase former endorsers Smiley for Cosmote & Pavel Bartos for Romtelecom were used to connect both brands into a single one – Telekom, by inviting people to the launch events organized simultaneously in different cities. Having in mind consumer insights like multi tasking during entertainment events in which the mobile phone is always a touch point as well as consumers affinity towards novelty & coolness, Hai! mobile app was launched to create a unique out of home user experience. Thus, a classic concert was transformed into an interactive experience. During the show users could influence production through the app by selecting the songs and being part of the biggest “share-fie”. All media channel promoted the app and the event to ensure high participation and engagement rate during the show. Also, the mobile app was part of a new experience from download since users could control ads and websites through the app. Digital, the main promotion channel, was optimized for amplifying conversions. The revealing phase was represented by a synchronized multi channel effort on TV, Digital, OOH (Magheru decorations were lighted). Influencers were an extremely important component of the campaign. As a result of a target segmentation, we selected influencers for different audience segments (TV – ProTV, Antena 1, Prima TV, Kanal D, TVR1, Realitatea TV, Print – ZF & Gazeta Sporturilor, Digital – news, sports, business sites, bloggers) for integrated special projects like station IDs, celebrities testimonials, limited edition circulations or digital formats used in premiere.


Innovation was approached through each media channel. The TV campaign included high frequency TV spots, TV stations celebrity testimonials & sponsorship packages in successful TV shows. In addition, the TVC was also broadcasted on digital channels in order to increase incremental reach. One of the most visible print executions was the special project developed in partnership with Ziarul Financiar. On launch day, the paper was released in a special edition with a record circulation of 150,000 free copies distributed in business offices in Bucharest and major cities in Romania. Also, Gazeta Sporturilor displayed on launch day only Telekom ads. The most spectacular OOH project was the decoration of Bucharest city center – Magheru Bulevard, implemented in exclusivity for Telekom. The invasion of magenta cubs was followed by word of mouth effect visible in social networks. In order to increase the teasing effect, we applied a reach amplification strategy planning the highest pressure in the last 48h before the event. Thus, major websites from different content categories were selected to display the event countdown, ensuring a huge media coverage for the last two day of the teasing phase. In digital we also used formats in exclusivity, tactical blocks on T day on desktop as well as mobile. The digital component linked all channels by inviting users to download Hai! mobile app or directing users to the site.

Case visual: