Geometry Global Bucharest - The RGB News

Category: Best Interactive Experience

Client: Antena 1 - Observator

Year / Domain / Status: 2015 / Social campaigns / Shortlisted

Strategy description:

The Ministry of Health responds best to social pressure. If enough people would talk about the blood donation issues in Romania, if more people would want to give blood during the campaign, than the authorities would have no choice but to do something about it. Another consideration was that big or small, flat screen or LED, the TV is a prized possession for Romanians. Observator, its prime time news program, was used as a Trojan Horse for good. Hijacking the TV watching experience for millions of Romanians at the same time for one week, live, during the news, would make everyone tuned in to understand how important blood donation really is. The TV started the conversation and Facebook carried it on, starting with Antena 1 stars. The buzz generated around blood donations would soon become a subject hard to ignore by the Ministry of Health and force the officials involved to positively react.


Observator used for the first time the TV screen as an activation tool. Viewers noticed something on their screen was different. The red component from the screen RGB colors was missing. Andreea Berecleanu, the anchor woman, assured televiewers that nothing was wrong with their TV, and it’s just how life without blood feels like for thousands of Romanians in need of blood donations. For one week, during prime time news, the red color was missing from Observator news. On Facebook, Antena 1 stars also removed the red color from their profile picture, followed by 30,000 Romanians. "Donate Red" was the main message of the campaign, urging people to give blood.

Case visual: