Interactions - Mega Image - The Longest Virtual Inspiration Chain

Category: Best Brand Campaign

Client: Mega Image

Year / Domain / Status: 2014 / Retail / Participant

Strategy description:

Our objectives were to: increase the overall perception that Mega Image has products for any occasion you might think of, reinforce the catchphrase “When I think of, I think of” and engage our Facebook community. In order to ensure spread-ability, we had to include a social component, so instead of making product-product associations like in the ATL campaign, we made product-friends associations. When you think of beer, you think of your best friend who is throwing a party tonight and when you think of blueberries you think of another friend who has been craving them all week and so on. The challenge was to develop a game mechanism that resembled the ATL idea, but could include both products and friends, while increasing awareness on the “inspiration” brand promise.


Our campaign launched a challenge: just how far can inspiration go? We invited users to create the longest virtual shopping chain by passing along inspiration to their friends. Through a Facebook app, users could start their own chain by sending a product along with a funny reason to one of their friends (eg. cases of beer for their next party). In turn, the friend who received it could send another product to another friend and so on. Once inspiration was passed on to someone, he/she had to keep the game going. The group with the longest chain wins the counter-value of those products. So the longest chain was, the bigger became the reward in real life.

Case visual: