Lion Communication Services - The Banknote Concert

Category: Best Interactive Experience

Client: Samsung

Year / Domain / Status: 2019 / Technology / Winner

Strategy description:

OBJECTIVES: What we truly aimed for was to turn the Enescu partnership opportunity into a strong brand innovation statement. For this, we identified two main ways of tracking our success: PARTICIPATION: Get the people interact with the campaign through the dARe by Samsung app Mobile Objectives (set in relation to previous brand partnership activations on the dARe by Samsung app)  10k scans of the 5 lei banknote during the festival on the dARe app*  From +3k to +6k downloads (100% increase)* *source: Client Data, September 2019 GENERATE AWARENESS AND CONVERSATION AROUND THE CAMPAIGN Communication Objectives (set in relation to the previous Samsung brand activation at Enescu Festival, with a similar budget)  5M total reach*  +30% share of stage (in relation to the other brands that were partners of Enescu Festival)* *source: Social Media Agency, 2019 TARGET Our brief started with George Enescu festival attendees as core audience: THE HIGH NET CULTURAL ELITE OF BUCHAREST People with high education and income, who rewind with cultural leisure activities (theatre, classical music, art exhibits). People who choose things that feel exclusive, personal and for ‘people like them’. BREAKING THE PRECONCEIVED BARRIERS But, to prove Samsung’s “Do what you can’t” brand promise, we had to go way broader than this. Our challenge was to build an educational layer able to break the preconceived barriers associated with classical music: elitism, the closed circle, the black-tie dress code. So, we have expanded our target to: EVERYONE IN ROMANIA THAT LOVES CLASSICAL MUSIC AND OWNS A SMARTPHONE. As broad as we possibly could. STRATEGY Our goal was to position Samsung as the innovation partner of George Enescu Festival. INNOVATION PROOF = FESTIVAL ACCESS TO EVERYONE IN ROMANIA It’s a known fact that Enescu Festival tickets are hard to come by and are restricted to a selected elite. As the innovation partner of the festival, dedicated to defying barriers, Samsung decided there is no greater innovation proof than making classical music accessible to everyone, by using technology. But in order to reach the whole country, we knew we had to find something that is accessible and omnipresent, also in the collective consciousness of Romanians.


THE 5 LEI BANKNOTE = THE PLACE WHERE ROMANIANS MEET ENESCU EVERY DAY The creative leap we made was to identify the only one place where Romanians meet Enescu day by day, regardless of financial status or musical preferences; and this was our 5 lei banknote. THE BANKNOTE CONCERT: EXPERIENCE ENESCU FESTIVAL WITHOUT PAYING FOR IT We decided to use an analogous environment, which, although important, is often ignored: cash. So, we turned the 5 lei banknote into an AR marker that allowed any Romanian to experience the festival in real time, from wherever they were, directly on their smartphones and without paying. All they had to do download the free application “dARe by Samsung”, scan the 5 LEI banknote with Enescu on each side and live the magic of the festival through live streaming. In order to truly stick to our promise, scanning worked on all the mobile phones, Android and iOS, not only Samsung ones. DO WHAT YOU CAN’T. MINI-SCENES EVERYWHERE ROMANIA FOR A SOLD-OUT FESTIVAL Our message was plain simple. Samsung truly helps people to do what they can’t. This time, by allowing them to see a sold-out, exlusive music festival on a banknote, using only their mobile phones and a 5 lei banknote, a mini-Enescu scene that everyone got in their wallets.

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